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26 03 2012

Sorry if we haven’t uploaded new lessons yet! But we surely will come mid-April and May! So for now, brush up with our old lessons! 🙂 Kita kits!! 🙂

Elementary – Driving School

2 02 2012

They say that if you can drive in the Philippines, you can drive anywhere. But this innate talent of driving has to come from somewhere right? Of course! And all roads lead back to driving school which is what Mickey and Cris will discuss in 2012’s first Kalyespeak episode.

A: Marunong ka ba magmaneho?
B: Opo!
A: Sige, ano yang hawak mo?
B: Cambio po.
A: Sira! Manibela yan!

A: Do you know how to drive?
B: Yes!
A: Ok, so what’s that thing your holding?
B: The gear stick.
A: Crazy! That’s the steering wheel!

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Elementary – Gutom! Sisig!

26 11 2011

After a long wait, we’re back with, yes, you guessed it, another food-related lesson! Cris, Jov, and Mickey tackle a classic Pampangueno dish: sisig – a staple for almost every Filipino who drinks beer or hangs out in a grill. It’s delicious. It’s succulent. It’s pig’s head. And it’s making us hungry.

A: Gutom na ako!
B: Maghintay ka muna!
A: Bakit ang tagal?
B: Hindi pa luto yung sisig!

A:I’m hungry!!!
B: Just wait a while!
A: What’s taking so long?
B: The sisig isn’t cooked yet!


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Pika-pika! – Bahala Na Si Batman

2 08 2011

Caught in a pickle? Bite off more than you can chew? Crap hit the fan? Thinking of eating that balut? In love with Katy Perry but you’re not Russell Brand? Well, if you don’t know what to do, then listen in!  Cris and Mickey talk about this odd, yet interesting, Filipino expression!

[audio https://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/pika-pika-bahala-na-si-batman.mp3]

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Elementary – Joke Time!

19 07 2011

Is there a better way than to start your day with a joke? Of course! That’s by saying a joke in Filipino! In this (long-awaited!) installment of Kalyespeak, Cris and Mickey share a classic Filipino joke, while Jovitt gets off his pison and shares some insights on Filipino jokes.

A: May joke ako! Anong tawag sa taong nasagasaan ng pison?
B:  Ano?
A: Tanga!

A: I have a joke! What do you call a person who gets run over by a steam roller?
B: What?
A: Stupid!

[audio https://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/elementary-joke-time.mp3]

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Watch the joke in action!

Try Mo Try Ko! – Bilangan ng Baboy

1 07 2011

Let’s start July off with a new lesson to pig out on! Ah, did you get that? Did you get that clue? If you did, then this month’s offering of Try Mo, Try Ko will be as easy as pie (even if its an advanced lesson!). Don’t forget to leave your answers on the message board!

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[audio https://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/try-mo-try-ko-bilangan-ng-baboy.mp3]

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Try Mo Try Ko! – Sundutan!

25 05 2011

Clean those ears and sharpen those minds because it’s time for another listening lesson with Try Mo, Try Ko! Cris and Razi eavesdrop on an odd conversation between Jovitt and Bernice. So, what’s happening??? Let us know what you think!

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