Elementary – Ang Trapik! I’ll Walk!

18 03 2016

Is this a dream? Is this real? Is this really a new episode? It is! And the lesson explains the long wait… traffic! No one does traffic like Manila does! So, listen in as the crew talks about getting stuck in EDSA… and Razi almost dying in a mountain! Doesn’t make sense? Well, if you listen, we PROMISE it’ll make sense.

A: Ang trapik! Wala po bang ibang daan?
B: Wala, ito na yon.
A: Hassle! Maglalakad na lang ako!

A: It’s so traffic! Is there no other way?
B: Nope, this is it.
A: Hassle! I’ll just walk then!

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Hello… Updates!

14 03 2016

Hey, everyone! If you’re all wondering what happened to some of our episodes, we’re currently remastering them! We’ll upload them soon (i.e. when we find time!) haha! Hope all is well! While we’re busy with the episodes, follow us on twitter @kalyespeak and join our Facebook page: kalyespeak!

Kita kits!!

Wooooah! We haven’t updated in more than a year!

12 04 2014

But… stay connected with us on our Facebook page: kalyespeak and on twitter: @kalyespeak

We might just record soon… KITA KITS!!!

Kamusta na?

26 03 2012

Sorry if we haven’t uploaded new lessons yet! But we surely will come mid-April and May! So for now, brush up with our old lessons! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kita kits!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Esteban’s Tagalog Video Lessons

26 08 2010

Listener and commenter first class Steve has made a couple of videos on learning Tagalog on his YouTube site with hopefully more to come. We, as previous costume wearing dilettantes for different academic purposes, appreciate anyone willing to dress up for the sake of having fun and making things interesting while teaching and learning. Great job Steve!

Go check out Steve’s videos and give him comments and feedback or a thumbs up!

Outside of the “behind the scenes”

27 07 2010

Just a mini-post to show you guys the view from where we have been recording the Kalye Speak episodes for the last few months.

www.kalyespeak.com is now live!

24 06 2009

Hello listeners!

We have now successfully transfered our domain to wordpress! You may now redirect your bookmarks back to http://www.kalyespeak.com. Theย  former address, https://kalyespeak.wordpress.com will still work, of course. Thanks you for bearing with us!


– Cris

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