Asan na yung new episodes?!

28 08 2012

Hey guys! Sorry if we haven’t uploaded new lessons in a while! Mickey’s reviewing for the law bar exams and hasn’t had time to gather the gang for a recording session! Come November, we’ll surely squeeze in time to record some new podcasts! But until then, enjoy our 50+ lessons… all for free! Kita kits!

If you can’t wait until then, join our Facebook page (just search for KALYESPEAK) and follow us on twitter (@kalyespeak) where we have discussions and mini-vocab lessons going. 🙂


4 04 2011

We will be back late April. Sorry, been busy with school and I am not in Manila now to edit any new episodes. See you all soon, kita kits


No new posts?! But why?!

22 09 2010

hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates from the site! Been a busy week preparing for exams! Will upload some new lessons when I have the time to edit! – mickey

Lull in the lessons updates…

26 11 2009

Hey Kalyespeakers! Sorry if we haven’t uploaded new audio lessons in the past month or so. We’re encountering some technical difficulties with our stock of old lessons (i.e. crashed computer!).

But don’t worry, you can still get your daily fix of Kalyespeak by following our twitter account. Just follow us @kalyespeak and we’ll be teaching fresh Filipino words and phrases every day!


Kalyespeak now on Twitter!

20 10 2009

For all those Tweeters (or is it Twitterers) out there, you can now follow us on Twitter! We’ll be posting helpful words everyday that will help with your Filipino!
Follow us at @kalyespeak ! See you!

Updates from the Kalyespeak team!

5 04 2009


We’re back! The Kalyespeak team is back in business! It’s been quite a while since we last released an episode since we’ve been busy with work and school! But the team is back! Listen in for some updates and some new stuff to look forward to! 🙂


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