Wooooah! We haven’t updated in more than a year!

12 04 2014

But… stay connected with us on our Facebook page: kalyespeak and on twitter: @kalyespeak

We might just record soon… KITA KITS!!!



5 responses

12 04 2014

wow, how cool, I hope you do, cause we love hearing your lessons 🙂

12 04 2014

wow, cool, I hope you do record more soon, we love hearing your lessons 🙂

20 04 2014

Looking forward to the new lessons. Kita Kits.

28 01 2015

kumusta kayo na? walang lessons. miss na miss kita na!

3 06 2015
Talk Tagalog

Hey, you guys at Kayle speak are so cool! You’ve guys inspired me to make me come up with my own site to help Tagalog language learners, as I know there is a terrible dearth of fun resources for a serious Tagalog learner! http://talktagalog.com I want to focus more on listening comprehension skills as I know this is what gets people flustered. At this stage, it’s super far cry from what you guys have, but this baby has got to start crawling before it will learn how to walk.

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