Elementary-We’re Late. Maliligo Lang Ako.

20 04 2012

You’re in a rush, you have  to get going, but your friend stinks. What to do?  Well, practice this helpful dialog of course! Mickey and Jovitt break down the useful phrases of this episode, while Pupay and Razi talk about palangganas, tabos, and taking a shower!

A: Pare, huli na tayo!
B: Maliligo lang ako nang mabilis!
A: Ano? Huli na tayo!
B: Alam ko! Kaso, ang baho ko eh!

A: Dude, we’re late!
B: I’ll just take a quick shower!
A: Whut?! We’re late!
B: I know! But I stink!

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Photo by KalyeSpeak



6 responses

27 07 2012
Ricardo Costa

ang baho ko eh hahahahaha
Hoy Guys
maraming salamat
you are very funny guys, thankyou so much i am learning a lot with KalyeSpeak,
i am really excited to hear the new one.
kita kits.

28 08 2012

thanks for listening in! 🙂

28 08 2012
John Wilson

Salamat for the lessons!

28 08 2012

walang anuman! – mickey

28 08 2012
John Wilson

When will the next lesson be coming? I am anticipating.

28 08 2012

Hey john! Sorry, don’t think we’ll have lessons coming up soon. Busy studying for the law bar exams so I don’t have time to edit and record with the gang. 🙂 come november, we’ll surely have new lessons!

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