Elementary – Driving School

2 02 2012

They say that if you can drive in the Philippines, you can drive anywhere. But this innate talent of driving has to come from somewhere right? Of course! And all roads lead back to driving school which is what Mickey and Cris will discuss in 2012’s first Kalyespeak episode.

A: Marunong ka ba magmaneho?
B: Opo!
A: Sige, ano yang hawak mo?
B: Cambio po.
A: Sira! Manibela yan!

A: Do you know how to drive?
B: Yes!
A: Ok, so what’s that thing your holding?
B: The gear stick.
A: Crazy! That’s the steering wheel!

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6 responses

2 02 2012

amazing lesson 🙂

24 02 2012
Justin michel

Is there any way to get an RSS feed for this? Itunes is nice an all but my 3GS is too old and iTunes is gross! Love the podcast!

24 02 2012

Thoroughly enjoyable, funny lesson. Keep up the great work, guys! Thanks!

26 03 2012

thanks Jude! 🙂

12 04 2012
Jonathan Midgley

Hey guys, I’m a new listener. I used to be fluent in Tagalog when I lived there but have since forgotten a lot. Anyway, what would you call a driver, as in the profession?

13 04 2012

hey! where did you live here?
Driver, as a profession, is called “tsuper.”

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