Pika-pika! – Bahala Na Si Batman

2 08 2011

Caught in a pickle? Bite off more than you can chew? Crap hit the fan? Thinking of eating that balut? In love with Katy Perry but you’re not Russell Brand? Well, if you don’t know what to do, then listen in!  Cris and Mickey talk about this odd, yet interesting, Filipino expression!

[audio https://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/pika-pika-bahala-na-si-batman.mp3]

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4 responses

2 08 2011
jp 吉平

haha no one ever leaves it up to Acquaman because he’s only powerful in water, and we are a land-based species.

3 08 2011

And he’s not any good. Hahaha – Mickey

5 08 2011

Hi guys and girls. How is everyone??

I have a question here,hope you can solve it for me.I recently did a couple lesson videos,and a friend of mine watched them,and came back,telling me basically , that what I taught was wrong.A Native Speaker and all, I am sure she is right , but I’m wondering if maybe I am also right. Perhaps it can be said both ways. You all can sort of be my second Opinion doctors of the language .

In the first lesson, I taught that (when is the funeral can be said as “kapag ay ang libing”),she says no, it is “KAILAN ANG LIBING ?” is 1 right? or can it be said either way? would I sound dorky or something in The Phils?

The other Lesson was “you take care. I said( “Bahala ka Mag”),she says no it is
” ingat ka “… Again, can this be said either way,or would my way make me sound dorky or something???

6 08 2011


Your friend is right. 🙂

It should be “kailan ang libing.” “Kailan” and “Kapag” both mean “when”, but they are used in a different manner. You use “kailan” in interrogative sentences/questions. When are you going to school, when is your birthday, etc. You use “kapag” the same way you say, “I’m going to school when it’s not raining anymore” – Pupunta ako sa paaralan kapag hindi na umuulan.

For “bahala ka”, you use it when you want to leave a matter up to someone. Bahala ka mag-asikaso sa opisina mo – You take care of the matters in your office. If you want to tell someone to take care, as in not to get hurt or whatever, that’s when you use “ingat ka.”


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