4 04 2011

We will be back late April. Sorry, been busy with school and I am not in Manila now to edit any new episodes. See you all soon, kita kits




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4 04 2011

I just got your text asking to post this… from April 1. What in the world. I might need to get this phone checked. Sorry ’bout that Mickey.

9 04 2011

No worries Raz! Hahaha! – Mickey

5 04 2011

I just started listening to your podcasts!!! Thank you for making the learning entertaining. Can’t wait to hear new podcasts!

9 04 2011

Thanks Kristina! 🙂 where are you from? 🙂


14 04 2011
Michael Gilmore

Hi Guys, hope you will be posting soon. Love your podcast and have learned alot. We were in Manila for over a month this past Christmas. It would be nice to pay you guys a visit sometime. Let us know how.

21 04 2011

you’re in luck michael! we just uploaded a new lesson 🙂 – mickey

5 06 2011

Sure Michael, when do you plan to come back to Manila? – Mickey

6 08 2011
Michael Gilmore

Thanks guys.. keep up the good work. We’ll be back some time in 2012. Would love to swing by the studio. I’ll e-mail you once we know. I think a good podcast would also be be phrases to impress you mother-in-law for non-Tagalogs or those who are not native speakers.

7 08 2011

Great! Although the studio is just my house. Haha – Mickey

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