Extra Ispesyal Pika-Pika! – Lasing Ako! (With Special Guest Beth!)

26 08 2009

EI Pika-pika lasingWe know, we know,  Pika-pika’s usually a once-a-month thing… but not this month – especially with this EXTRA SPECIAL PIKA-PIKA! Listen in as Kalyespeak finally tackles the “L” word and Cris talks about his upcoming foray in Beijing! And if that’s not enough, we have our very first guest – all the way from New York! Ispesyal na ispesyal! 🙂





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26 08 2009

“Lasing ako” lesson part: 50 seconds aggregate out of 5 mins and 56 secs

*slow clap*

No Beth was harmed during the making of this episode! But many a sushi roll and chicken popcorn were brutally nomnomnom’d!

A moment of silence for the finger food. And by that I mean keep quite while I order more.

27 08 2009

Razi, i have to point out that you also made your first ever KalyesSpeak appearance! If you guys listen closely to the part where we greet our moms, you will be able to hear Razi saying “hi to Mickey’s mom!”

Anyway, it was an impromptu episode that’s why the lesson part was just less than a minute. It takes even less to understand the concept of drunkenness, right? Hahaha! This episode is all Beth! Thanks you for guesting!

Oh well, i’m a few hours away from my flight. If there are any Beijing-based Kalyespeak listeners, try reaching me via the KalyeSpeak email and we can meet up! As for the wordpress site, I’ll try to find ways to go around the Great Firewall of China, but for now this will be my last comment. Keep enjoying yourselves!

Paalam, 再见,til next time, kita kits!

27 08 2009

Hit us up when you smash the shit out of the Great Firewall.

27 08 2009

你学习好! 有新的episode的话,就发给我email! 下次见!

27 08 2009

Hahaha… “Lasing Ako?”
More of a question than a declaration.

Guys, congratulations. At least you’re pretty sure you’ve touched at least 1 person’s life.


Probably the best KalySpeak episode so far. A2002 reprezent!

31 08 2009

Ingats, Chris! Good luck sa China! Sana u can find good Pinoy resto doon!

23 08 2010

Hy guys, great Episode,although I do believe this one was put up waaaaaaaaaaay back in sept. or something like that.



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