Extra Ispesyal Pika-Pika! – Lasing Ako! (With Special Guest Beth!)

26 08 2009

EI Pika-pika lasingWe know, we know,  Pika-pika’s usually a once-a-month thing… but not this month – especially with this EXTRA SPECIAL PIKA-PIKA! Listen in as Kalyespeak finally tackles the “L” word and Cris talks about his upcoming foray in Beijing! And if that’s not enough, we have our very first guest – all the way from New York! Ispesyal na ispesyal! 🙂



Pika-Pika! – Susmaryosep!

13 08 2009

Pika-pika susmaryosepEver arrive home and find your kid doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing? Ever had a bad day at work, get stuck 5 hours in ridiculous traffic, and get a text message that your boss wants you to come back for overtime? Ever been flabbergasted and wanting for a Filipino expletive to express yourself? Well, here it is! But unlike other languages, it’s not a dirty word – in fact, it’s a call to the high heavens. Listen in as the Kspeak trio invoke the family of all families in this peculiar Filipino expression!


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