www.kalyespeak.com is now live!

24 06 2009

Hello listeners!

We have now successfully transfered our domain to wordpress! You may now redirect your bookmarks back to http://www.kalyespeak.com. TheĀ  former address, https://kalyespeak.wordpress.com will still work, of course. Thanks you for bearing with us!


– Cris

Pika-Pika – Anong Pangalan Mo?

17 06 2009

Pika-pika PangalanWe’ve all known each other for quite some time and fortunately we’ve all been courteous enough to introduce ourselves. But what if you encounter a stranger, a little lost kid, or a duwende perhaps? I’m sure they won’t be going all James Bond with their names. So in order to get the ball rolling in the friendship and familiarity department, here’s a quick lesson on asking someone’s name


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