Pika Pika! – Pahingi!

1 05 2009

pikapikapahingi Imagine yourself in the desert, the malevolent sun beating down on your burning skin, your throat as dry as the sand around you. Then, out of nowhere, you see an angel holding a bottle of Coca-cola. The thing is, the angel only speaks Filipino. So what now? Well, listen in as Cris and Mickey discuss the magic word ‘Pahingi’ in this edition of Pika-pika!




One response

18 07 2009

Yep, it’s true- Pinoys are destined to provide cuteness, lol! But what can you expect when even your language is infused with it? What other language has words like “kilikili”? Heck, even “depressing” words sound cute. Kawawa!

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