Newbs – Christmas episode! Ano plano natin?

17 12 2008

Christmas, ah, that lovely holiday. Although Christmas in the Philippines is different from the Western idea of Christmas – no snowmen or jingle bells here, Pinoys have their own special way of bringing in the cheer. For culture talk, Mickey and Cris discuss different Filipino traditions and share a special Christmas message for all the Kalyespeak supporters. Merry Christmas everyone!

A: Nay, ano plano natin sa Pasko?
B: Simbang gabi tapos noche Buena.
A: Kailan tayo magbubukas ng regalo?
B: Pagkatapos ng noche Buena.

A: Mom, what are we doing for Christmas?
B: Midnight mass, then Christmas dinner.
A: When will we open gifts?
B: After the Christmas dinner.


Learn more about Filipino Christmas traditions with this merry and jolly PDF!

No copyright infringement intended. If you like the music, go and support OPM by buying the song legally online or in your nearest music store!



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