Newbs – Ang Sarap! You Said It!

3 03 2008

Romeo and Juliet. Bonny and Clyde. Donald and Daisy. Filipinos and their food. Simply inseparable. In the pilot podcast of KalyeSpeak, Mickey and Cris talk about that oh-so-sweet, oh-so-creamy dessert with that mix-mix name.
A: Exage! Ang sarap!

B: Ano ba iyan?
A: Halo-halo.
B. Sinabi mo pa, masarap talaga iyan.

A: Wow! Delicious!
B: What is that?
A: Halo-halo!
B. You said it, that’s really good!

At last, our first episode! We’ve finally recorded an episode after weeks of testing. We admit there are still some stuff to work on, so give us some feedback so that we can improve your learning experience. Be brutally honest. We’re incredibly dense, that’s why we made this thing — like William Hung — with no professional training. But with your help, we’ll get there!
A few people to thank and give credit for helping out in this project:

Ken Carroll, Jenny Zhu, and John Pasden for being our inspirations. 多谢!

The Malabon Brass band for their “Pangango sa Ilaw March”, which is the theme music of this episode. No copyright infringement intended. If you like the music, go and support OPM by buying the song legally online or in your nearest music store!

Jill Lao, our original lady voiceover, who had to move on before this project was to be launched. We wish you all the best in the fashion world!

Kimie Ong, our new lady voiceover. You’ll be hearing more of her in future episodes!

And of course, God for being awesome.



12 responses

26 05 2009

Since moving to Word Press, your PDF’s are not opening up. It has some sort of loading error. Page not found or page not available or something like this.
Hope this will be a good spot for your new home .Wish you all luck here. And Thanks a Lot(Maramang Salamat) for all the Lessons Guys.

26 05 2009

thanks steve! will check it out! 🙂

28 01 2010

Salamat for a great site. I just took the two first lessons today and my pinoy friends are all ready complementing me 🙂

28 01 2010

No prob! 🙂 Where are you from? 🙂 – Mickey

2 02 2010

I am from Norway. There are many from the Philippines in the church I attend, as it is Catholic.

2 02 2010

Nice. I went to Norway way back in 2000. Loved the place! Want to go back but it’s sooo far! – Mickey

18 08 2010
Mau Belmonte

Good day,

I am the editorial assistant of a newly-launched online lifestyle magazine, And I’m writing to inform you that we would like to publish a photo of Halo Halo from this page.

Please be informed that full credit will be given to the website as the source of the said photos.

Thank you,

Mau Belmonte

18 08 2010

Sure, please do.

21 08 2010
The Sweet Deal | Gablifestyle

[…] Photo by Kalye Speak […]

18 04 2012

Lol come on, I doubt KalyeSpeak took that photo. But good job KalyeSpeak for accepting credit to get some free publicity lol.

18 04 2012

hey stew! yeah, that isn’t our photo! I think we had our own photo before and I think that’s what we approved on.

16 07 2012
Ricardo Costa

sinabi mo pa!!!!!!!!!!

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